Active since the early 90’s in sound art and image, ILIOS has been exploring the extremes of sound and image derived phenomena.
Through constant change in his sound palette touching and surpassing the limits of the sound spectrum ILIOS advocates for an anti-career. Some of ILIOS recorded
output has been regarded by the media as: “The sound of death” or “The most enervating record imaginable”.

More than 400 live shows, lectures and workshops in 35 countries in: Asia, South + North America, Europe, Oceania pushing the space and body resistances to a hard test pursuing a state of alert for the human senses.
Numerous audio releases including: “Kenrimono” based on sounds of pachinko parlours, “Vento Elektra” based on electric signals and home electricity, the “Symphonies for oscillators and internal combustion engines”, based on car vibrations; and many others. Also works for contemporary dance companies, theatre, films, animation. Collaborated with many sound artists live and in studio.
Numerous Music commissions for dance, film and theatre 
Curatorial works include: Electrograph – “Athens Sound Media a festival on sound media in Athens (Curator + Co-director 2001 to 2006) ,SDR Muestra de Arte Sonoro de Santander in Santander, Spain (Curator + Co-director 2008-2012), [Un]Commonsounds project (Co-director), sound events for the Athens Biennial (Curator), among others. Current parallel music projects include: Mohammad (ILIOS / Nikos Veliotis)
Since 1997, runs Antifrost, a publishing platform/label for sound media with more than 70 works published till date by renowned artists from all over the globe.

A live show could sound- look like this (culled from Labyrinth City):

Venue/Date: OpenFrame festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, 1/10/09.

Impression: “…[ILIOS] is standing at the back of the room, all lights off, and a slowly-revealing photograph projected onto a screen on the other side of the room. Using an array of electronics and utilizing the four surrounding speakers, he emits the lowest, heaviest subharmonic bass sounds to the point he’s just violently pushing air around the room. People around me put their fingers in their ears – this is loud at the most lowest register available. Experimenting with this fucking low, glacially slow sound the photo finally reveals itself in it’s entirety: It’s horrific combined with the noise and one of my most memorable experiences to date…”

Contact and booking: ILIOS (at) SITEILIOS (dot) GR

You can purchase ILIOS works through Antifrost or by sending an email directly

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