04-16.6.24 “Now Matter How Quiet” for Yelp Dance co., Athens, Greece     

20-28.6.24 “Kill the movement” for  Zita Dance co., Athens, Greece

19.09.24 Seattle, USA
20.09.24 Portland, USA
21.09.24 Vallejo, USA

Past events

18.05.24 KET, Athens, Greece
25.04.24 “Searching for the Oracle” Delphi, Greece
24.03.24 HumuS, Lausanne, Switzerland
23.03.24 Kunstraum Aarau, Aarau, Switzerland
21.03.24 Wurm, Basel, Switzerland
17.02.24 Stellage (w/Testarossa and Mademoiselle A), Athens, Greece
21.01.24 Pangea – Klang (w/MMMD) Roma, Italy
15.01.24 Tank, (w/MMMD), Bologna, Italy
13.01.24 Teatro Linguaggicreativi ,(w/MMMD), Milano, Italy
21-26.10.23 What are the bodies of our time for Zita dance company, Athens, Greece
20.10.23 Densites Festival,(w/MMMD) Fresnes, France
22.09.23 Guia Experimental, Macao
20.09.23 Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
01.07.23 Bruisme festival, Poitiers, France
22.06.23 Subset -Athens Epidaurus festival (w/MMMD) , Athens, Greece
14.06.23 The soft underbelly, group exhibition at Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athens, Greece
06.23 O Dark, Dark dark, for X-it Dance company, (w/MMMD) Athens, Greece
26.05.23 Acaddemia, (w/MMMD) Athens, Greece
13.04.23 Temple,(w/MMMD) Athens , Greece
01-22.07.22 Oedipus King, (w/MMMD) theatre play, Cyprus
16-22.06.22 is it day or is it night for Yelp Dance Company, Athens, Greece
17.03.22 Fylkingen (w/MMMD) , Stockholm, Sweden
05.12.21 Tectonics festival (w/MMMD) , Athens, Greece
06.11.21 Planetarium, Athens
12.10.20 Audiosfera exhibition, Museo De Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain
06.03.20 Nova Muzak (w/MMMD) , Istanbul, Turkey
29.01.20 CTM festival (w/MMMD) Berlin
21.12.19 UT Connewitz Leipzig(w/MMMD) , Germany
14.12.19 Zarata festival Bilbao (w/MMMD) , Spain
30.11.19 Temple (w/MMMD) , Athens
09.11.19 Soundtrope festival (w/MMMD) , Ioannina
02.11.19 Mutabor (w/MMMD) , Moscow
27.09.19 L’Homme Sauvage (w/MMMD) Pyrenees, France
18.05.19 Klang (w/ MMMD) Roma, Italy
17.05.19 Circolo Gagarin (w/ MMMD) Busto Arsizio, Italy
16.05.19 Cubo Botta (w/MMMD) Belluno, Italy
15.05.19 Ex Convneto, Scenasonica (w/MMMD) Pordenone, Italy
14.05.19 Kapu (w/ MMMD) Linz, Austria
13.05.19 Mochvara (w/MMMD) Zagreb, Croatia
24.01.19 Temple (w/MMMD) + Hagazussa film screening Athens, Greece
08.12.18 Bicefal festival (w/ MMMD) Barcelona, Spain
01.12.18 Le Sonic (w/ MMMD) Lyon, France
30.11.18 Magazzino sul Po (w/MMMD) Torino Italy
24.11.18 Sounds of Stockholm festival (w/ MMMD) Stockholm, Sweden
23.11.18 Geiger Bass festival Goteborg, Sweden
19.10.18 Zemlika festival (w/ MMMD) Durbe, Latvia
3.06.18 Tuned City festival (w/Nikos Veliotis, Steve Bates) Ancient Messini, Greece
03.-06.05.18 “17 gestures forced uttered” dance piece by Iris Karayan Athens, Greece
18.04.18 Resonate festival (w/ MMMD) Belgrade, Serbia
28.03.18 “Ecstatic Rejoicing” at SNFCC (w/ MMMD+DissensoDio) Athens, Greece
15.12.17 Temple (w/ MMMD) Athens, Greece
02.12.17 A38 (w/ MMMD) Budapest, Hungary
21.10.17 Geiger fest (w/ MMMD) Goteborg, Sweden
14.10.17 Path festival (w/ MMMD) Verona, Italy
13.10.17 Bruma fest (w/ MMMD) Pistoia, Italy
12.10.17 Freakout (w/ MMMD) Bologna, Italy
11.10.17 La Fine (w/ MMMD) Roma, Italy
23.09.17 Praha Forum (w/ MMMD) Brno, Czechia
22.09.17 LAS (w/ MMMD) Poznan, Poland
21.09.17 Komplex Theater (w/ MMMD) Chemnitz, Germany
20.09.17 Potrvá (w/ MMMD) Prague, Czechia
27.07.17 Red Bull Music Academy (w/ MMMD) Saint Petersburg, Russia
18.06.17 Supersonic festival (w/ MMMD) Birmingham, UK
22.04.17 Les Yper Yper (w/ Mohammad) Thessaloniki, Greece
11.03.17 SNFCC Athens, Greece
04.03.17 Block33 (w/ Mohammad) Thessaloniki, Greece
11.02.17 Trafó (w/ Mohammad) Budapest, Hungary
10.02.17 Instant Chavires (w/ Mohammad) Paris, France
09.02.17 Hirscheneck (w/ Mohammad) Basel, Switzerland
08.02.17 Kunstraum Walcheturm (w/ Mohammad) Zurich, Switzerland
26.12.16 Six Dogs (w/ Mohammad) Athens, Greece
11.12.16 Six Dogs Athens, Greece
19.11.16 Ride (w/ Mohammad) Chania, Greece
02.09.16 Fuse(w/ Mohammad) Bradford, UK
01.09.16 Gulliver’s (w/ Mohammad) Manchester, UK
28.07.16 A l’Arme festival (w/ Mohammad) Berlin, Germany
02.07.16 Teatro Rivoli (w/ Mohammad) Porto, Portugal
01.07.16 Jardins Efemeros at Church of Misericordia(w/ Mohammad) Viseu, Portugal
12.06.16 Cave12 (w/ Ensemble Phoenix Basel ) Geneve, Switzerland
11.06.16 HeK, Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel, (w/ Ensemble Phoenix Basel) Basel, Switzerland
10.06.16 HeK (solo) Basel, Switzerland
10.06.16 HeK, Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel,(w/ Ensemble Phoenix Basel) Basel, Switzerland
01.06.16 Centro Puertas de Castilla (live performance + installation) Murcia, Spain
21.05.16 Trans/Wisje festival @ CSW Zamek Ujazdowski.,(w/ Mohammad) Warsaw, Poland
14.05.16 Beirut Art Centre,(w/ Mohammad) Beirut, Lebanon
07.04.16 St Paul’s Anglican church, Fasma festival (w/ Mohammad), Athens, Greece
18.03.16 CocArt festival, (w/ Mohammad) Torun, Poland
05.03.16 Volos Music School, (w/ Mohammad) Volos, Greece
27.01.16 Bozar electronic series @ Bozar , (w/ Mohammad) Brussels, Belgium
23.01.16 Horos (w/ Mohammad) Athens, Greece
22.11.15 Akouphene festival, Cave12 (w/ Mohammad) Geneve, Switzerland
21.11.15 Le Bourg,(w/ Mohammad) Lausanne, Switzerland
20.11.15 Klappfon at Flatterschaft,(w/ Mohammad) Basel, Switzerland
19.11.15 Saint Ghetto festival, Dampfzentrale (w/ Mohammad) Bern, Switzerland
18.11.15 Spazio Text (w/ Mohammad) Vittorio Veneto, Italy
17.11.15 Portanova12 (w/ Mohammad) Bologna, Italy
16.11.15 O, (w/ Mohammad) Milano, Italy
15.11.15 DalVerme, (w/ Mohammad) Roma, Italy
14.11.15 L’Asilo, (w/ Mohammad) Napoli, Italy
31.10.15 Multidom/ Muteece (w/Ekt0r),Athens, Greece
05.06.15 Atonal, Zurich, Switzerland
04.06.15 HeK, Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel, Basel, Switzerland
03.06.15 Cave 12, Geneve, Switzerland
30.05.15 – 12.06.15 Sonic Topographies, residency and lecture Evia, Greece
25.04.15 Entopia (w/ Mohammad) Irakilio, Greece
31.03.15 Deterioarte Festival, at Six Dogs (w/ Testarossa) , Athens, Greece
23-26.03.15 lecture, workshop at Haute école des arts du Rhin, Mulhouse, France
28.02.15 Romantso (w/ Mohammad) , Athens, Greece
21.02.15 Moving Noises festival (w/ Mohammad) , Bochum, Germany
20.12.14 Traces of Commerce (w/ Testarossa) Athens, Greece
28.11.14 Yuria festival (w/ Testarossa) , Athens, Greece
19.11.14 s.i.x d.o.g.s (w/ Mohammad) , Athens, Greece
08.11.14 24 στο Τετράγωνο Stegi Grammaton (w/ Testarossa) , Athens, Greece
30.10.14 Mayhem (w/ Mohammad) , Copenhagen, Denmark
29.10.14 Bakke Kirke (w/ Mohammad) , Trondheim, Norway
28.10.14 Instants Chavires (w/ Mohammad) , Paris, France
27.10.14 O'(w/ Mohammad) , Milano, Italy
17.10.14 LUFF festival (w/ Mohammad) , Lausanne, Switzerland
10.10.14 Phormix / Space UNDER, Athens, Greece
27.09.14 Adapter at Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau, Switzerland
23.08.14 Reheat festival (w/ Mohammad) , Kleylehof, Austria
09.08.14 puLsar festival (w/ Mohammad) , Samothraki, Greece
25.06.14 Eauuu space, Kobe, Japan
24.06.14 Yugue, Kyoto, Japan
22.06.14 Ochiai Soup , Tokyo, Japan
30.05.14 Traces of Commerce (w/ Mohammad) Athens, Greece
15.05.14 Empros Athens, Greece
14.05.14 S.i.x D.o.g.s, (w/ Mohammad) Athens, Greece
08.05.14 Coo Bar (w/ Mohammad) , Thessaloniki,, Greece
12.03.14 Atelier Le Bitche,Hommage a Zbigniew Karkowski Nantes, France
28.02.14 Fasma festival, (w/ Mohammad) Athens, Greece
21.02.14 Polytechno (w/ Mohammad) , Kerkyra, Greece
07.12.13 Gerauschwelten festival, (w/ Mohammad), Muenster, Germany
01.12.13 Athens Biennale, (w/ Testarossa) , Athens, Greece
30.11.13 Athens Biennale, Athens, Greece
26.10.13 Festival Densites (w/ Mohammad) , Fresnes en Woevre, France
04.07.13 Frown Trails (w/ Testarossa) , Athens, Greece
01.06.13 The Sage Gateshead (w/ Mohammad) , Newcastle, UK
31.05.13 LSO St Luke (w/ Mohammad) , London, UK
30.05.13 Les Ateliers Claus (w/ Mohammad) , Brussels, Belgium
29.05.13 Rumor (w/ Mohammad) , Utrecht, Netherlands
26.05.13 6dogs (w/ Testarossa) , Athens, Greece
25.05.13 Implode festival, Halkida, Greece
28.04.13 Borderline festival (w/ Mohammad) SGT, Athens, Greece
14.04.13 Lokal-Int , Biel, Switzerland
13.04.13 Standard Deluxe gallery Lausanne, Switzerland
13.04.13 talk at Gerausch Das Andere der Musik Symposium, University of Basel Basel, Switzerland
11.04.13- 21.05.13 Polaplasipeimoria Basel installation at Oslo10 Basel, Switzerland
11.04.13 oslo10 Basel, Switzerland
31.03.13 Beton 7 Moving Silence Athens, Greece
26.02.13 Deteriorate Sound Festival (w/ Mohammad) Athens, Greece
02.02.13 Den Gra Hal (w/ Mohammad) Copenhagen, Denmark
01.02.13 Cafe Oto (w/ Mohammad) London, UK
26.12.12 Six.D.o.g.s , Athens, Greece
24.11.12 Electric Nights Medea Electronique (w/ Testarossa) , Athens, Greece
15.11.12 six.d.o.g.s (w/ Mohammad) , Athens, Greece
27.09.12 – 03.10.12 Group show “The garden of Eden” at Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France
04.06.12 Le102, Grenoble, France
03.06.12 Cave12, Geneve, Switzerland
02.06.12 Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark
19.05.12 1os orofos, Thessaloniki, Greece (solo and w/Testarossa)
18.05.12 Knot gallery , Athens, Greece (solo and w/Testarossa)
13.05.12 Eglise de Saint Merri,(w/ Mohammad) , Paris, France
12.05.12 Sonore festival, (w/ Mohammad) , Brest, France
07-08.04.12 “No end, then” by YELP dance co. at Lithografeio, music by ILIOS, Patras, Greece
03.04.12 Music for Digitaria fashion show at Palas theatre, Athens, Greece
16.03.12 talk at KSYME Athens, Greece
19.02.12 live Symphony #4 for oscillators and internal combustion engine vibrations at Muzikzimmer – Kunstraum Aarau, Aarau, Switzerland
17.02.12 Cable festival,(w/ Mohammad) Nantes, France
20.01.12 – 19.02.12 ILIOS solo exhibition “Polaplasiepimoria” at Kunstraum Aarau, Aarau, Switzerland
26.01.12 Le Bourg, Lausanne, Switzerland
22.01.12 Cave 12, Geneve, Switzerland
21.01.12 Klappfon > New Jerseyy gallery, Basel, Switzerland
20.12.11 Apothiki 1 John Cassavetes (w/ Mohammad),Thessaloniki, Greece
09.12.11 Athens Biennale “Monodrome” (w/ Mohammad),Athens, Greece
18.11.11 Knot Arts Gallery (w/ Mohammad), Athens, Greece
17.11.11 Galerie KUB (w/ Mohammad), Leipzig, Germany
16.11.11 MS Stubnitz (w/ Mohammad), Rostock, Germany
15.11.11 24fys Radio (w/ Mohammad), Copenhagen, Denmark
15.11.11 Mayhem (w/ Mohammad), Copenhagen, Denmark
13.11.11 Stadtgarten / Studio672 (w/ Mohammad), Cologne, Germany
12.11.11 Oberdeck, (w/ Mohammad), Hannover, Germany
11.11.11 NK project, solo set and w/ Mohammad, Berlin, Germany
04.11.11 live at Sensxperiment, Lucena, Spain
03-04.11.11 workshop at Sensxperiment, Lucena, Spain
01.11.11 Lullcec Almogavers 68-70, Barcelona, Spain
25.09.11 Spiti Politismou (w/ Mohammad) Xanthi, Greece
24.09.11 Performance festival, (w/ Mohammad) Thessaloniki, Greece
02.08.11 “No end, then” by YELP dance co. at Venizelio Odeon, music by ILIOS, Chania, Greece
14.06.11 “No end, then” by YELP dance co. at XYZ projects outlet, music by ILIOS, Athens, Greece
12.06.11 live at Moers festival “concerts in the dark” Studio des Schlosstheaters, Moers, Germany
11.06.11 live at Moers festival “concerts in the dark” Studio des Schlosstheaters, Moers, Germany
11.06.11 “No end, then” by YELP dance co. at Kinitiras studio, music by ILIOS, Athens, Greece
26.05.11 “No end, then” by YELP dance co. at Roes, music by ILIOS, Athens, Greece
26.05.11 “No end, then” by YELP dance co. at Benaki Museum, music by ILIOS, Athens, Greece
25.05.11 “No end, then” by YELP dance co. at Roes, music by ILIOS, Athens, Greece
18.05.11 Beton7, (w/Mohammad), Athens, Greece
29.04.11 Knot Arts Gallery, Athens, Greece
18-19-20.12.10 “Lebenswelt” by YELP dance co. Music by ILIOS, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece
15.12.10 Cave12,(w/ Mohammad) Geneve, Switzerland
14.12.10 Cinema Oblo, (w/Mohammad), Lausanne, Switzerland
13.12.10 Le Chat Noir, (w/Mohammad), Paris, France
12.12.10 Espace Mendes, Planetarium Poitiers, (w/Mohammad), Poitiers, France
11.12.10 Total meeting festival, (w/Mohammad), Tours, France
10.12.10 La Bascule, (w/Mohammad), Rennes, France
07.12.10 About, (w/Mohammad), Athens, Greece
21.11.10 Moving Closer festival at Powiększenie, Warsaw, Poland
20.11.10 Riverside studios, EKON festival,(w/ Mohammad) London, UK
18.11.10 East Gallerri, Tallinn, Estonia
17.11.10 Insait, Kaunas, Lithuania
16.11.10 Opium basement, Vilnius, Lithuania
14.11.10 Nabaklab, Riga, Latvia
12.11.10 NK project, Berlin, Germany
08-09.11.10 “Lebenswelt” by YELP dance co. Music by ILIOS, at Junge Hunde, Arhus, Denmark
29.10.10 Knot Arts, Athens, Greece
26.09.10 Galpon de Equipajes y Encomiendas del grupo la grieta, La Plata, Argentina
23.09.10 lecture and concert at La Metro, Cordoba, Argentina
22.09.10 Archibrazo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
17.09.10 Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires, Argentina
08.07.10 Macuf, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, A Coruna, Spain
03.07.10 III Muestra de Arte Sonoro, (w/ Mohammad), Santander, Spain
06.06.10 Megaron, YELP dance co. performing Das Ist Ein, Music by ILIOS, Athens, Greece
04.06.10 Pulse festival, YELP dance co. performing Das Ist Ein, Music by ILIOS, Ipswich, UK
24.05.10 – 28.05.10 ILIOS workshop, at ARTe SONoro, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain
18.05.10 Sfendoni theatre, (w/ Mohammad), Athens, Greece
10-13.05.10 HBH theatre, YELP dance co. performing Lexicon, Music by ILIOS, Athens, Greece
24.04.10 live Symphony #3 for oscillators and internal combustion engine vibrations at ARTe SONoro, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain
21.03.10 Culture Lab (w/ Loudspeaker), Newcastle, UK
19.03.10 lecture at Goldsmiths college (w/ Loudspeaker), London, UK
17.03.10 Corsica Studios (w/ Loudspeaker), London, UK
16.03.10 Dans For Voksne at Mir (w/ Loudspeaker), Oslo, Norway
15.03.10 talk at Ny Musikk (w/ Loudspeaker), Oslo, Norway
14.03.10 recording show at MS Stubnitz (w/ Loudspeaker), Copenhagen, Denmark
13.03.10 Lygten Station (w/ Loudspeaker), Copenhagen, Denmark
11.03.10 Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporanea (w/ Loudspeaker), Valencia, Spain
08.02.10 La Kaña (w/ Mohammad), Skopje, Mkd
06.02.10 1os orofos (w/ Mohammad), Thessaloniki, Greece
05.02.10 Knot Arts (w/ Mohammad), Athens, Greece
20.11.09 live Symphony #2 for oscillators and inrernal combustion engine at VM, Yuria festival , Athens, Greece
08.10.09 Happy, Wellington, New Zealand
07.10.09 Christchurch art gallery (live + lecture), Christchurch, New Zealand
06.10.09 Sky Bear Cuddle Den, Auckland, New Zealand
06.10.09 lecture at ELAM School of Fine Arts, Auckland, New Zealand
04.10.09 Toff in Town, Melbourne, Australia
03.10.09 live at Cambridge Hotel, Electrofringe festival, Newcastle, Australia
03.10.09 lecture: “Pursuing an Anti-Carrer” at Playhouse, Electrofringe festival, TINA, Newcastle, Australia
01.10.09 Brisbane Powerhouse, Open Frame festival, Brisbane, Australia
30.09.09 Serial Space, Sydney, Australia
06.08.09 Yelp Dance company performing “Scale 5:1” (live music by ILIOS) Filippoi- Kavala festival, Kavala, Greece
05.08.09 Yelp Dance company performing “Scale 5:1” (live music by ILIOS) Filippoi- Kavala festival, Kavala, Greece
04.07.09 ILIOS conducting collective drone set at Muestra de Arte Sonoro, Santander, Spain
01.07.09 Yelp Dance company performing “Das Ist Ein” (music by ILIOS) at the Athens Festival, Athens, Greece
27.06.09 live Symphony #1 for oscillators and inrernal combustion engine, Athens Biennale “Heaven”, Athens, Greece
25.03.09 Teatro Central, Zemos98 festival, Sevilla, Spain
11.03.09 Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporania OCCC – Vibra (live + workshop), Valencia, Spain
10.03.09 Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporania OCCC – Vibra (workshop), Valencia, Spain
08.03.09 Vermell, festival Gargall, Manresa, Spain
07.03.09 L’Ull Cec / Hangar (workshop), Barcelona, Spain
06-07.03.09 at L’Ull Cec / Hangar (live + workshop), Barcelona, Spain
12.12.08 GazonRouge gallery for a PokaYio performance , Athens, Greece
16.10.08 Lausanne Underground Film and MusicFestival LUFF , Lausanne, Switzerland
27.07.08 workshop / live performance at NTMOFA, Taichung,Taiwan
26.07.08 lecture / live performance at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung,Taiwan
25.07.08 NanHai gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
19.07.08 Soup, Tokyo, Japan
17.07.08 Urga, Tokyo, Japan
12.07.08 Parlwr, Nagoya, Japan (with Ritatata)
10.07.08 Katakamuna, Kobe, Japan
08.07.08 Cafe Independants, Kyoto, Japan
07.07.08 Bears, Osaka, Japan
06.07.08 Soap Gallery, Kokura, Kitakyushu, Japan
05.07.08 AtHall, Oita, Japan
04.07.08 Art Space Tetra, Fukuoka, Japan (日本語)
28.06.08 Takeout drawing cafe, Seoul, South Korea
27.06.08 lecture/ workshop and live performance at DaoSpace, Seoul, South Korea
13.04.08 Theatre L’Usine (organised by cave12!), Geneve, Switzerland
12.04.08 cinema Oblo, Lausanne, Switzerland
11.04.08 Walcheturm, Zurich, Switzerland
06.04.08 SDR Muestra de Arte Sonoro, Santander, Spain
27.01.08 live “Scale 5:1” Megaro Mousikis, Athens, Greece (with YELP danceco.)
18.01.08 Small Music Theatre, Athens, Greece
05.10.07 La Casa Encendida, ExperimentaClub festival, Madrid, Spain LIVE + Uncommonsounds projection / talk
11.07.07 ILIOS Radio presentation, WDR 3 Studio Elektronische Musik(mod. by Bjorn Gottstein)
07.07.07 Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan (live and lecture)
06.07.07 Café Independants, Kyoto, Japan
05.07.07 Bridge, Osaka, Japan (solo and w/ Masafumi Ezaki, Busho Nisikawa, Kazu)
04.07.07 Huck Finn, Nagoya, Japan
03.07.07 Super Deluxe, Tokyo, Japan (solo and w/ Keiichiro Shibuya)
29.06.07 Tokyo Art and Music University, Yokohama, Japan (live and lecture)
15.06.07 ArtBasel, Basel, Switzerland
17.05.07-20.05.07 Argo, Athens, Greece (with YELP danceco.)
21.04.07 tba, London, UK cancelled
27.02.07-04.03.07 Thision, Athens, Greece (with YELP danceco.)
07.02.07 OCCC, Valencia, Spain
27.01.07 Folk Musuem, Xanthi, Greece (solo and with F.Lopez)
26.01.07 Zenit, Thessaloniki, Greece (solo and with F.Lopez)
25.01.07 Small Music Theatre, Athens, Greece (solo and with F.Lopez)
25.01.07 A Strange Attractor, Athens, Greece (with F.Lopez)
24.01.07 Small Music Theatre, Athens, Greece (solo and with F.Lopez)
19.12.06 C.C.E Juan de Salazar, Asuncion, Paraguay
14.12.06 C.C.E. Santiago Chile
05.12.06 C.C.E, Montevideo, Uruguay
28.11.06 Museo de Bellas Artes Bilbao, Spain (with Xabier Erkizia)
04.11.06 Bunkier Sztuki Gallery – AudioArt festival, Krakow, Poland
02.11.06 Red Rose Club, London, UK
11.10.06 CCPE, Rosario, Argentina
06 .10.06 Hotel Bolivar, Lima, Peru
05.10.06 Centro Cultural España, Lima, Peru
29.09.06 Cabildo Historico – Niu Festival Cordoba, Argentina
24.09.06 17/71 Estacion Ferrorcariles Provincial, La Plata, Argentina
22.09.06 Casa de la Cultura de la ciudad deBuenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
20.09.06 Plasma, Buenos Aires, Argentina
29.07.06 Don’t Stop the Dance – Patras2006, Patra, Greece (with YELP danceco.)
28.07.06 Don’t Stop the Dance- Patras2006, Patra, Greece (with YELP danceco.)
01.06.06 Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nantes, France
28.04.06 Laznia Contemporary Art Centre, Gdansk, Poland
26.04.06 Kronika Gallery, Bytom, Poland
25.04.06 Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland
24.04.06 Solvay Centre for Contemporary Art, Krakow, Poland
05.04.06 Radio Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, Spain (with Julien Ottavi/Nanofamas)
10.02.06 San Francisco Arts Instutute, Activating the Medium San Francisco, USA
29.01.06 PolisPark, Electrograph Athens, Greece (with HarmoniumSisso Orchestra)
23.11.05 Amatu, Bilbao, Spain (with Julien Ottavi/ Mattin/ X.Erkizia/ILIOS)
22.11.05 Arteleku, San Sebastian, Spain (with Julien Ottavi/ Mattin/ X.Erkizia/ILIOS)
10.09.05 Mylos, Videodance festival Thessaloniki, Greece
10.09.05 Mylos, Videodance festival Thessaloniki, Greece (with YELP danceco.)
11.06.05 Kultur Etxea, Ertz festival Bera, Spain (with ASTRA: duo with Jason Kahn)
30.05.05 Instant Chavires, Paris, France
07.05.05 Kifisias 290 (poka-yio performance), Athens, Greece
19.02.05 C.U.B.A, Münster, Germany
18.02.05 Kulturbunker Muelheim, Koln, Germany
17.02.05 Hohenstauferstr27/AtelierFrankfurt, Frankfurt, Germany
15.02.05 Schilleroper, Hamburg, Germany
12.02.05 Superkronik, Leipzig, Germany
10.02.05 Maria Am Ostbanhof ,Placard festival/club transmediale, Berlin, Germany
10.02.05 Ausland, Berlin, Germany
03.02.05 Small Music Theatre,Athens, Greece (with Harmonium Sisso Orchestra)
27.01.05 Small Music Theatre,Athens, Greece (duo with Norbert Moslang)
24.11.04 Metronom gallery, Dorkbot event Barcelona, Spain
14.11.04 Small Music Theatre Athens, Greece (solo and with F.Lopez)
13.11.04 Small Music Theatre Athens, Greece (solo and with F.Lopez)
00.11.04 installation at Lucerne Railway station, Luzern, Switzerland
08.10.04 Museo de Ciencias, Observatori festival, Valencia, Spain
18.09.04 Komyoji Buddist Temple, Tokyo, Japan (with:as11)
15.09.04 D.O.M,Tokyo, Japan (with: as11)
12.09.04 KD Japon, Nagoya, Japan (with:Takehiro Nishide)
11.09.04 Studio C.U.E, Kobe, Japan
10.09.04 Cafe Independants, Kyoto, Japan
07.09.04 Butterfly,Fukuoka, Japan
05.09.04 Uplink,Tokyo, Japan
24.07.04 installation, Bera, Spain (with:Coti)
22.07.04 Arteleku Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain
20.07.04 Kultur Etxea, Bera, Spain
04.06.04 Lavrio Technological Park Museum, Synch festival Athens, Greece
15.05.04 Roes, performing “karbon” with Yelp Dance Company Athens, Greece
14.05.04 Roes, performing “karbon” with Yelp Dance Company Athens, Greece
13.05.04 Roes, performing “karbon” with Yelp Dance Company Athens, Greece
06.02.04 Maria Am Ostbanhof, Club Transmediale festival Berlin, Germany
19.11.03 Sidecar, Barcelona, Spain (with:X.Erkizia-T-Nishide)
10.11.03 Notting Hill Arts Centre London, U.K
09.11.03 tudor str. London, U.K
08.11.03 sound 323 London, U.K
07.11.03 resonance fm London, U.K
20.09.03 Small Music Theatre Athens, Greece (solo concert for 10 hours)
19.09.03 Bios, Video Dance festival, Athens, Greece (with kkdc: ILIOS/ Coti K.)
12.04.03 StadgalerieBern, Bern, Switzerland
11.04.03 k3000, Zurich, Switzerland
09.04.03 Cave12, Geneva, Switzerland
08.04.03 Fri-Son, Fribourg, Switzerland
06.04.03 Het Muziekcentrum, Earational festival ‘s Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
09.03.03 Matadero, Azkoitia, Spain
08.03.03 Hiri Musikak festival, Altza, Donostia/San Sebastian, Spain
07.03.03 Lesaka Xorroxin Irratia, Lesaka, Spain
06.03.03 Euskalerria Irratia Pamplona, Spain
28.11.02 LEM festival Barcelona, Spain
16.11.02 Byzantine Museum, Electrograph festival, (trio with Kahn/ILIOS/Coti) Athens, Greece
18.10.02 Small Music Theatre Athens, Greece
22.06.02 ErrorClub Barcelona, Spain
08.06.02 MACBA (w/F.Lopez ensemble) Barcelona, Spain
31.05.02 Kunstforum, PhonoTAKTIK festival Vienna, Austria
21.04.02 Radar bar Madrid, Spain
08.12.01 Roxy Club, Observatori festival, Valencia, Spain
10.11.01 Gloria, Avanto festival (dj set) Helsinki, Finland
18.10.01 Athens Metro Tunnel, Electrograph festival Athens, Greece
11.07.00 Moscow-Berlin cafe, (dj set) Moscow, Russia
08.07.00 The Moscow River Boat, (dj set) Moscow, Russia
12.02.99 Rodon Club (support Sonic Youth) Athens, Greece
15.05.97 Fournos Athens, Greece
14.05.97 Fournos Athens, Greece
13.05.97 Fournos Athens, Greece
23.04.97 Big Club, Biennale of Young Artists Torino, Italy
23.02.97 Music Theatre Festival (Palia Ilektriki) Volos, Greece
13.05.95 Frourio Firka Hania, Greece
29.12.94 Fournos Athens, Greece
28.12.94 Fournos Athens, Greece
27.12.94 Fournos Athens, Greece
26.12.94 Fournos Athens, Greece
25.12.94 Fournos Athens, Greece
24.12.94 Fournos Athens, Greece
09.04.94 Fix Ice Factory, Athens, Greece
22.01.94 Comics Festival (Parko Eleftherias) Athens, Greece
22.10.93 Lotos, Thessaloniki, Greece
26.06.93 ASKT – Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece
19.06.92 Lotos, Thessaloniki, Greece