aka MMMD
aka Mohammad

MMMD is Nikos Veliotis & ILIOS

It has been 12 years since MMMΔ’s first ever release but the pursuit of the sound hidden inside the blurred lines between experimentation and pop music is still going strong.
MMMΔ have shaped a distinct deep slow monolithic sound so far, bringing together low frequencies, inter-modulations melodies and chants through their custom made instruments software and voices.
They have released 13 albums in various formats including the critically acclaimed ‘Som Sakrifis’ on PAN, the folk inspired ’34°Ν – 42°Ν & 19°Ε – 29°Ε‘ trilogy and the medieval horror cult film soundtrack Hagazussa on their own Antifrost Label.
The latest two releases are “L’âge de l’absolutisme” in 2021 where they attacked baroque classics together with keyboard virtuoso ALEM and more recently “NOMENKLATURA” an E.P with two ten-minute mind-numbing tracks, anthems for a quicksand dance-floor.
A new release entitled “Sidiroun Parapetasma” is also on the works.

“…it’s not merely an experimental electronic treatment and it neither does it sound exactly like primitive European folk music, it’s something in-between, and that’s what makes it so eerie” – FACT Mag
“It’s such a rich soundscape, beautiful and sometimes distantly terrifying’ / ‘It’s just thrilling.” – The Quietus
“You breathe it in like vaporized anesthetic and pray that it will never end.” – Tiny Mix Tapes
“…a training based on extraordinary low frequencies and chants of eternal damnation, communicating to our deepest self much better than any cosmic allusion. Make that “illusion.” – Touching Extremes