The VOICE TAPES series on Antifrost, a series of voice-based works released on cassete format.

Editions of these works are limited to 40-80 copies and artists include: Michael Esposito, Leif Elggren, Daniel Menche, Francisco Meirino, Tetsuo Furudate, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Joachim Montessuis, Alessandro Bosetti, Julien Ottavi and Gerritt Wittmer



afro 2045: Michael Esposito - Fantom Auditory Operations: "Escape Plan" edition of 46 copies

afro2045 Michael Esposito Fantom Auditory Operations: Escape Plan


afro 2046: Leif Elggren : We Are Born to Become Angels (a work in progress) edition of 50 copies SOLD OUT


afro 2047: Daniel Menche: Like a Ghost Singing to You 1st. edition of 50 copies, 2nd. edition of 30 copies

afro2047 Daniel Menche: Like a ghost singing to you 


afro 2048: Francisco Meirino: My Voice is Unique edition of 40 copies SOLD OUT

afro2048: Francisco Meirino: My Voice is Unique


afro 2049: Tetsuo Furudate: "Shinjuku street on June 19th, 2011" edition of 50 copies

afro2049: Tetsuo Furudate - Shinjuku Street on June 19th, 2011



afro 2053: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang: "When he was asleep" edition of 50 copies


afro 2054: Joachim Montessuis: "Vocal Codes" edition of 50 copies


afro 2055: Alessandro Bosetti: "Coaxial" edition of 50 copies

afro2055: Alessandro Bosetti - Coaxial


afro 2056: Julien Ottavi: "The Cremator Opera" edition of 50 copies

afro 2056: Julien Ottavi - The Cremator Opera v.1


afro 2057: Gerritt Wittmer: Heartbeat edition of 50 copies

Antifrost 2057: Gerritt Wittmer - Heartbeat





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