Antifrost catalogue



code artist title format release date  
afro9601 ILIOS Encyclopedia CD 01/1997  
afroB301 ILIOS Freeze Dead CD 03/1999  
afro2005 ILIOS Dance Classics CD 06/2000  
afro2006 as11 00:00 CD 06/2000  
afro2007 Sachiko M Detect mCD 09/2000  
afro2008 as11 WR mCD 04/2001  
afro2009 Francisco López / Joe Colley Knowing when to not know mCD 11/2001  
afro2010 Antifrost 10 year anniversary T-shirt Textile 01/2007 SOLD OUT
afro2011 ILIOS b.a mCD 05/2002  
afro2012 V.A - Extreme sound souvenirs Special handmade pacakge 5x mCD 05/2007 SOLD OUT
afro2013 as11 new CD out now! mCD 05/2002  
afro2014 V.artists Suffer / Enjoy CD 10/2002  
elec2002 V.artists Electrograph 02 mCD 11/2002  
afro2015 Cremaster Infra CD 02/2003  
afro2016 Daniel Menche Invoker CD 06/2003  
afro2017 ILIOS Old Testament CD 06/2003  
afro2018 Textu rizer Texturizer CD 06/2003  
afro2019 V.artists VOID CD 11/2003  
afro2020 V.artists FULL CD 11/2003  
afro2021 Lasse Marhaug / Anla Courtis North & South Neutrino CD 02/2004  
afro2022 Francisco López Untitled#150 CD 03/2004  
afro2023 Daniel Menche Skadha CD 04/2004  
afro2024 ILIOS Encyclopedia-RW CD 06/2004  
afro2025 Mattin / Dion Workman Via Vespucci CD 10/2004  
afro2026 Xabier Erkizia Entresol CD 12/2004  
afro2027 ILIOS Vento Elektra CD 10/2004  
afro2028 Ronnie Sundin Hägring CD 12/2004  
afro2029 Joe Colley Psychic Stress Soundtracks CD 06/2005  
afro2030-1 M.Behrens / N. Heyduck Plastic / Metal 2CD 03/2005  
afro2032 Nightshift Nightshift CD 02/2005  
afro2033 Scott Arford Radio Station CD 10/2005  
afro2034 V.Artists Euskal Interpretatzaile Berriak CD 11/2005  
afro2035 as11 Monotheism CD 05/2006  
afro2036 Textu rizer 7 CD 09/2006  
afro2037 Francisco López / ILIOS Hysechasterion CD 11/2006  
afro2038 ILIOS Love Is My Motor CD 03/2007  
afro2039 ILIOS Iyleilops CD 05/2007  
afro2040 Antimatter / Z.Karkowski Divide By Zero CD 09/2007  
afro2041 V.Artists Destroy Athens CD 10/2007  
afro2042 Coti Dunung CD 03/2008  
afro2043 ILIOS El Amor Es Mi Motor 8" 12/2009 SOLD OUT
afro2044 Mohammad Roto Vildblomma CD 05/2010 SOLD OUT
afro2044B Mohammad Roto Vildblomma CD 02/2016  
afro2045 Michael Esposito Escape Plan Cassette 03/2011 SOLD OUT
afro2046 Leif Elggren We Are Born to Become Angels Cassette 03/2011 SOLD OUT
afro2047 Daniel Menche Like a Ghost singing to you Cassette 04/2011 SOLD OUT
afro2048 Francisco Meirino My Voice is Unique Cassette 05/2011 SOLD OUT
afro2049 Tetsuo Furudate Shinjuku street on June 19th, 2011 Cassette 07/2011  
afro2050-2 Mohammad Spiríti 3LP 05/2011 SOLD OUT
afro2053 Alice Hui-Sheng Chang When she was asleep Cassette 09/2011  
afro2054 Joachim Montessuis Vocal codes Cassette 09/2011 SOLD OUT
afro2055 Alessandro Bosetti Coaxial Cassette 12/2011 SOLD OUT
afro2056 Julien Ottavi The Cremator Opera (v.01) Cassette 12/2011  
afro2057 Gerritt Wittmer Heartbeat Cassette 03/2012  
afro2058 Socrates Martinis On motion, stasis and the geometry.. Cassette 09/2012  
afro2059 Mohammad Spiríti CD 10/2013  
afro2060 Coti Solesulsuolo CD 10/2013  
afro2061 ILIOS Nedifinebla Esenco CD 10/2013  
afro2062 NIkos Veliotis Foklor Invallid CD 10/2013  
afro2063 Mohammad Zo Rèl Do LP 07/2014  
afro2064 Mohammad Zo Rèl Do CD 05/2014  
afro2065 Mohammad Lamnè Gastama LP 10/2014  
afro2066 Mohammad Lamnè Gastama CD 10/2014  
afro2067 Mohammad Segondè Saleco LP 06/2015  
afro2068 Mohammad Segondè Saleco CD 05/2015  
afro2069 Mohammad 34/42-19/29 trilogy T-Shirt Textile 05/2015  
afro2070 Mohammad Som Sakrifis CD 11/2015  
afro2071-3 MMMD (Mohammad) Pèkisyon Funebri 3X10" 10/2016  
afro2074 MMMD (Mohammad) Pèkisyon Funebri CD 12/2016  
afro2075 ILIOS w/ Ensemble Phoenix Basel El anillo invisible que sujeta el mundo de la forma al mundo de la idea CD 06/2017  
afro2076 MMMD Andromache Cassette 01/2018  
afro2077 MMMD Hagazussa LP 07/2018