MMMD + Alem

L'Age del'absolutisme (LP / CD/ Cassette / digital ) 2021 Antifrost |afro 2083-2084-2085-2083D|

Limited editions : 300 Golden LP (180gr), 300 A5 sized CD, 100 Carton cover Cassete



L’âge de l’absolutisme

Antifrost proudly presents a new release by ΜΜΜΔ featuring baroque keyboardist ALEM.

Entitled ‘’L’âge de l’absolutisme” this new album, ΜΜΜΔ’s 12th release to date, contains an idiosyncratic take on three landmark late baroque masterpieces: Alessandro Marcello’s Adagio from Oboe Concerto D minor, Georg Friedrich Händel‎’s Sarabande from Keyboard Suite in D minor (Suite de pièce Vol. 2 No. 4) and Johann Sebastian Bach’s Air from Air Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major.

ΜΜΜΔ’s signature massive low end establishes a gigantesque basso continuo for ALEM’s keyboard extravaganzas to sit comfortably on. Apart from MMMΔ’s usual custom-made equipment different period keyboard instruments were used during the recording: clavichord for the Αdagio, harpsichord and baroque timpani for the Sarabande and portable organ for the Air. In ‘’L’âge de l’absolutisme” an enigmatic manifesto is shaped: sparse evidence of ΜΜΜΔ’s 12-year path from dissonance to harmony. With the help of ALEM’s virtuosic escapades the sound walks a tightrope between strict rule and freedom, majestic grandeur and modest means.


Above all ‘’L’âge de l’absolutisme” is baroque music like you’ve never heard.

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