Segondè Saleco (LP) 2014 Antifrost |afro 2067|

release date : May 2015 Edition of 450 copies

Segondè Saleco (CD) 2014 Antifrost |afro 2068|

release date : May 2015 Edition of 500 copies

Segondè Saleco is the third volume of a trilogy that explores the sounds of the geographical area between 34°Ν - 42°Ν & 19°Ε - 29°Ε.

Segondè Saleco is the final catharsis which signals a dramatic change of atmosphere in the trio's signature sound. It includes “Sagaraki” featuring Erifili Giannakopoulou on vocals




Segondè Saleco

CD track order

Bela Frumatene
Kawas Rivero Akvo
Ah Ya em Hamada

LP track order

A1 Bela Frumatene
A2 Sagaraki
B1 Kawas Rivero Akvo   
B2 Ah Ya em Hamada 


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