Solesulsuolo (CD) 2013 Antifrost |afro 2060|

released : October 2013

limited edition 300 copies read reviews




All tracks written and performed on the oniscus by Coti K. in Stockholm
and Tinos island in 2012.
Thank you: Stelios Goulas and The mess with Julia for letting me use
their rehearsal space in Stockholm. Gunnarsons Conditori for energy and
relief. Etten, for the patience. Dimitris Kariofilis, Nikos Veliotis, Babis Makridis, Hristos Lainas for everything else.

Harry Patramanis and Eleni Asvesta for asking me to write music to their film “Fybnos”, tracks 1,2 and 8 first appeared in it.
Released on Antifrost 2013

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