Euskal Interpretatzaile berriak vol.1 (CD) 2005 Antifrost |afro 2034|

released :November 2005 read reviews

a compilation featuring the new generation of Basque country experimentalists. Known figures for those who have been following Antifrost such as: Xabier Erkizia and Mattin (both with releases on the label) and also new artists such as Tzesne, Inigo Telletxea and Edorta Izarzugaza. It is almost a coast to coast trip on the Basque Country: from Getxo> Bermeo> Errenteria> Bera> to Lesaka. Cover artwork by ILIOS



1.Xabier Erkizia (Lesaka) - "Esku Bete" 7'54"
2.Iñigo Telletxea (Bera) - "Untitled " 9'16"
3.Tzesne (Errenteria) - "Elementos Acustizado" 9'18"
4.Edorta Izarzugaza (Bermeo) - "Konpozizio Objetiboa" 11'47"
listen to a 2 minute experpt
5.Mattin (Getxo) - "Death to R'n'R" 2'50"


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