Phill Niblock films 1966 - 1969 :


Morning (1966-69) 17’ .

Directed by Phill Niblock, from an idea by
Phill Niblock and Jean Claude Van Itallie, filmed by PN, text by Lee Worley
and Michael Corner, with members of the Open Theater group.  Starring Lee
Worley, James Barbosa, Cynthis Harris, Sharon Gans, Joseph Chaikin; text
read by Lee Worley, James Barbosa, Barbara Porte, Dorothy Lyman, Michael
Corner. Black and White 16mm film.

The Magic Sun (1966 - 68) 17’.

Filmed by Phill Niblock, with and of
members of the Sun Ra Arkestra, music by Sun Ra and the Arkestra. Filmed
with a high contrast Black and White 16mm film.

Dog Track (1969) 8:30’.

A film by Phill Niblock, with a found text
read by Barbara Porte. Color 16mm film.

Annie (1968) 8’.

A film by Phill Niblock, a portrait of the dancer
Ann Danoff, with a sound collage sound track. Color 16mm film.

Max (1966 - 68) 7’.
Filmed by Phill Niblock, edited by David Gearey.
An image collage film / portrait of Max Neuhaus, with a collage sound track
by Max Neuhaus. Black and White 16mm film.

Raoul (1968 - 69) 20’.

A film by Phill Niblock. A portrait of the
painter Raoul Middleman, with extensive use of time-lapse film technique.
The sound track is improvised by Raoul Middleman and Phill Niblock. Color
16mm film.