_______the 2:13 festival video section:


Vahram Aghasyan - untitled


BORN 1974, Yerevan, Armenia / EDUCATION 1993 -1999 M.F.A. Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts, Yerevan, Armenia, 1989-1993 Yerevan College of Arts / WORK EXPIRIENCE, 1995 - till now works as freelance designer , 1996-2000 Art Editor of Armenian mountly magazine "GAROUN", 2000-2003 Art teacher in secondary school in Koghb village, Armenia / SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2005 “Ghost city” accea, Yerevan Armenia, 1998, “TEXT' Charly Kchachaturian Galery Yerevan, 1996 “Text as a measure of space”Kultur Kontakt, Vienna, Austria

Selcuk Artut - Youcanttellthedifference


Selcuk Artut (b.1976) received his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Koc University in Istanbul. In 2002, he joined the faculty at Sabanci University, Istanbul for Visual Arts and Communication Design program. He has worked in computer arts as a designer, artist, writer, and tutor. Currently he is finishing MA in Sonic Arts at Middlesex University in London. Artut is also a professional musician working with the post rock band Replikas ( www.replikas.com ).



John Bisset - is


The video is filmed by John Bisset the founder of the 2:13club The 2:13club was founded in London in 1992 by John Bisset and Lester Moses. It gave performances of Improvised and Experimental Music in an Art Gallery in Stoke Newington. The ancient clock on the wall of the Gallery was stuck at 13 minutes past 2 –and the concerts took place at this time in the afternoon on the first Saturday of each month.


Priyanka Dasgupta - havaldaar imaandaar


Originally from India, Priyanka Dasgupta currently resides in New York City, where she continues to pursue her career as a video installation artist, and work as a Teaching Artist in the Public Schools. She has recently completed the prestigious ‘AIM (Artists in the Marketplace) Program' at the Bronx Museum, a residency that culminated in a three-month exhibition of her installations at the museum, beginning June, through September 2005. Her videos are currently being screened and exhibited at multiple venues in both Europe and the US.

Michael Dotolo - Immortalidad



Michael Dotolo studied Music Performance and Composition ; BFA in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the College of Santa Fe. He is currently living in Brooklyn, New York and studying in a graduate program of Performance, Interactive and Media Arts or PIMA at Brooklyn College. Samples of his work are located at his website: Defenestrated.org

Markus Hahn - AP12


the closing sequence of peter greenaway's film ' the draughtman's contract', 1982, builds up a basis for an examination of the tension field between picture and textuality as well as it shows working conditions in the art field. in a matter of post- appropriational habit, I reconstructed the closing sequence of the film and changed greenaway's name with my own, pretending had made the film. I chose this film because like the protagonist of the movie, mr Neville, who offers his work for a very low salary in the condition of producing 12 drawings within 12 days. this is almost the working conditions I found producing this video…

Dave Handford - Mathimaticae


David Handford was born in Torquay, Devon and has been producing sonic work since 1992. From psychedelia with Vibe Tribe (1992-1993) and electronica with Moduloss (1993-1995), he now produces various forms of leftfield music as dj Methodist and Ministry of Defiance , as well as film and performance soundtracks under his own name. His handbuilt electronic sound devices and music have been commissioned for art projects, Escrapology (1995-1996), Ointment (2001), and performances with Jo Shapland (1998 -2002) throughout Britain and Eire, and a sound installation inspired by John Wyndham, From Below , was premiered at g39 gallery Cardiff in April 2004. He is presently working on his sonic/visual project The Sonology Of Water ™ (ACW funded). After a pilot show in summer 2004, further shows are planned in subterranean spaces around Britain in summer/autumn 2005. Ministry of Defiance's album, Chapel Couture was released to critical acclaim in October 2003 and was toured with film in early May 2004, with future dates planned in Eire, Britain and North America and Canada in 2005.


Giannis Karabelas + ALTERVISION - Videodrone#1 Casini

audio: John Karabelas


John Karabelas and ALTERVISION collaborated on a series of abstract videos created from low res internet images. The featured video is a 2'13 version of a much longer piece created by images transmitted by the Cassini space probe during it's Saturn ring fly by, last summer.




Erica Matsunami / Antonis Anissegos - Deflection


Video by Eirka Matsunami & Antonis Anissegos / Audio by Antonis Anissegos


Lydia Moyer - Swallows


Lydia Moyer teaches new media at a small university just south of Birmingham, Alabama, USA. Her work has been screened nationally in the USA and internationally in Europe and Asia. She did not vote for George Bush (either of them.)


Maria Schina - 3women



Maria Schina was born and grew up in Athens,GR. She studied sculpture in Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Her work includes sculptures, installations and video. The most representative shows she has participated in are:

‘Olympiad of Fine Arts', Organised by Artiade, Athens (8/2004), ‘Urban school' Kithura (7/2004), ‘Nieuwland' ‘Germinahof' Gallery, Einhoven-Holland (10/2002), ‘De Biennale Van de een minuten' Central Museum of Utrecht (6/2002), ‘Heden in Verleden/Now' De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (1/2002), ‘Terra Kunstproject' , Zutemir-Holland. Her videos have been presented in De Ijbreaker, Amsterdam, Konzo, Den Hague and in Open Theatre, Athens.

Sebastian Seixas - Deux Treize



Sebastian Seixas, originaly from France is based in Athens Greece and works as an experimental video artist and fine string instrument maker

Peter Strickland (feat. The Bohman Brothers ) - Berberian Sound Studio



Peter Strickland (born 1973, UK) Written and directed two mini-motion pictures, 'Bubblegum' (1996) and 'A Metaphysical Education' (2004).Founder of the British/Hungarian culinary troupe, The Sonic Catering Bandand their domestic label, PeripheralConserve. Aside from releasing Sonic Catering records, Peripheral Conserve has been responsiblefor insect field recordings, spoken word and modern classical.