5th 2:13festival   9,10 & 11 december 2004 @ the small music theatre / 33 veikou str athens - greece






taku unami - on japanese underground

live sets:

joe tornabene (us), barytone saxophone

mecha - orga aka giorgis sakellariou (gr) , electronics

bertrand denzler (sw) , saxophone

lee patterson (uk) , heatworks




david toop – reading from his new book ‘haunted weather’

live sets

as11/t.zioutos (gr), electronics

graham halliwel (uk), saxophone feedback

jean pallandre (fr), phonography



live sets

vals (gr), laptop

coti (gr), harmonium

taku unami (jp), laptop + contraguitar

david toop (uk)


closing party:

dj greatmoments



running on all days:___________________

video projection - Full details here

2:13videos - the 2:13festival addressed an open call for videos lasting 2'13'' exactly. Videos by John Bisset, Thanos Chrysakis, Nuno Rebelo, Michael Bullock, Clotilde Aksin, Staiph Wilson, Jason Kahn, Lee Welch, Marina Gioti, Akiko and Masako Takada , Jeremy Newman, Panagiotis Spoulos, Szkieve.